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Just weeks after a State mandated shutdown due to Covid-19, Brandon's close friend Maria (wife of Made To Last's owner Chris Stuart) was diagnosed with a rare case of Stage 2 Invasive Ductal Carcinoma. Maria was alerted of her breast cancer only weeks after receiving news that she was pregnant. One can only imagine the difficulty a mother would face in such a time. Quickly, Brandon, everyone at Made To Last Tattoo and the greater tattoo community around the world came together to help Maria in her fight. Within months, they collectively raised an incredible amount of money through art auctions, raffles and donations to assist Maria and her family financially. 


This was truly the conception of Derski Foundation. It was only through seeing what a community was capable of, that Brandon saw his purpose for organizing the endeavor to do more. That when a community comes together, real change can be made. 


In honor of Maria, Derski Foundation's primary focus has become to aid in Breast Cancer Diagnostics for the Greater Charlotte Area. The primary focus of funds will benefit the Atrium Health Project Pink Plus initiative. Atrium Health's Disparities & Outreach program does an incredible amount of work in our communities. Just one of their major actions is the Levine Cancer Institute Project Pink Mobile Screening bus, which allows eligible women a free screening mammogram. After much consideration, Derski Foundation noticed a looming need for the diagnostics side of Breast Cancer Survivorship. Many who are ineligible or lack the resources need financial assistance with the radiology and diagnosis of their breast cancer. This can drastically and severely limit their ability to move towards treatment.


Derski Foundation's objective is to benefit the Levine Cancer Institute Project Pink Plus fund. Together we can help ensure that everyone receives their proper diagnosis and can find their path in treatment and survivorship. 

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